dresser before and after

Dresser Before and After

Vintage Taylor Made solid wood dresser I picked up and a bit rough looking. I stripped and sanded it down.

I try to save as much wood as I can and just modernize the finish.

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This dresser had one of the drawers chewed up by a dog so I used Bondo to build a new corner and partly painted to hide the Bondo.


Mineral Spirits

Diablo Sand Paper and Discs (I linked the multi pack as I used all these grits)

Orbital Sander (I linked multiple sanders. I have an

old Hitachi.)

Detail Sander

Danish Oil

Howard Feed-N-Wax

Minwax Special Dark Wax

I used what I already had on this dresser except the new hardware.

Did the bottom half aqua and used a stencil.

I used Behr spray paint. My new favorite!! My stencil I used DAP caulk, chalk powder and paint mixed together to make a paste.

Did some on the top three drawers inside for a little extra to match the bottom.

I sealed it all with some dark brown wax and replaced the hardware.

I also conditioned it all inside with a clear wax and Danish Oil.

Stencil came in a stencil pack I bought on Temu. If you’re a first time user you can use my code for a discount. opt69769

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