Dollar Tree Mop Wreaths

I saw this mop wreath in a Youtube video. Ive watched so many I dont remember who… There are so many great DIY Youtubers.

Ive had some of my followers ask about videos but thats a job in itself. My shop and Etsy keeps me pretty busy. I commend these video makers as it take lots of work to put out those videos.

I only have some short clips. I stick to my blog for now as that takes enough time itself.

This post contains affiliate links for Amazon. I make commission if you buy through my links and banners in my posts. See how I roll.

Ok now onto the wreath! You’ll need three of the Dollar Trees dust mop heads and a floral ring.

I glued in the middle. I did the whole outside first. Ive made a few of these so I learned some tricks by the second one.

When I applied the second mop I pushed back the mop thread to match the seams together.

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For the third piece you’ll need to trim about an inch off.

It will shed all over so I folded over the cut edge and glued it. I seamed up the folded edge to the seam on the uncut one like above.

You wont have nearly as much shedding as its tucked and glued.

I then glued the inside. Pull the sides and squeeze together in the middle.

They seam up pretty nicely. You could even paint the floral ring white to blend even more. I have one more Im making so I will test that.

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Now time to decorate. I used parts of this Dollar Tree snowflake ornament. I used the rest in this post.

I made this one for myself as I decorate with rose gold shades. The greenery and rose gold pieces I bought at Micheal’s.

For the hanger I had this rose gold and white bakers twine. I spread the mop thread and tucked it inside. Its totally hidden.

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A friend saw my wreath and wanted one but with traditional red and green.

I made this one as a gift as she saw mine and loves rose gold too. We have a rose gold love bond. haha.

All the greenery I bought at Micheal’s. I hit Micheal’s when its was 40-60% off. Tons on Amazon too.

This is a fun wreath using yarn tutorial at The Navage Patch. You can use the same Dollar Tree floral rings.

Have you made any of the mop or yarn wreaths? I have some yarns I may try a yarn wrapped one too.

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Comments (2)

  1. Ruth

    Your wreaths are so beautiful! I’m going to make a few. Thank you for sharing.

    10/14/2023 at 11:39 pm Reply
  2. Amanda

    This dust mop wreath is got. I love the pink color In it . I going to try my hand at making one

    10/12/2022 at 11:43 pm Reply
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