Dollar Tree Christmas Decor Makeovers

Some Dollar Tree makeovers. I bought a couple of trees, a plain wood sign and an ornament.

I so forgot to take a picture of the wood sign and the tinsel tree… The Merry and Bright sign was just basic wood.

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You can see the tinsel tree fame here. It was green and I painted it white.

I yarn wrapped it in a thick white blanket yarn. I bought it on sale at Joanns.

I learned using this tree frame, cover those knob things on the sides with a piece of your yarn first, then wrap.

Could probably just cut them off…

They stuck out. I had to add the side piece to cover after the first wrap then wrap again.

You could just leave the sides and not wrap again if you wanted. Still cute enough.

You will need to glue some pieces on the curves of the tree to really fill in to finish it up.

I covered the trunk in burlap and added the rose gold bow. I decorate with rose gold.

The finished tree, its so soft and ‘plush’.

Here is the Merry and Bright wood sign. I painted it white and rubbed my rose gold wax style paint to ‘age’ it. Buffed it with a cloth. Its Craftsmart brand.

Found it at Micheals.

A little greenery and rose gold ribbon.

I wanted a rose gold reindeer ornament to add to my tree so I picked this one up to makeover.

I ripped it apart and painted it with rose gold acrylic paint. Im covering in rose gold glitter.

Ive mentioned in other posts I like to paint my base color before glittering. You dont have to though.

I painted the antlers too with rose gold spray paint to make them shiny.

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Covered in Elmers Glue All and then covered in glitter. I also spread the antlers open. They were closed up more.

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I used a gloss Mod Podged to coat the glitter so it wont shed. Then added some greenery and a wreath. The wreath I cut a garland tie to fit, made it snow covered and a rose gold bow.

You can check out my rose gold glitter reindeer from last year.

Have you done any Christmas dollar store makeovers?

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