DIY rose gold cone trees

DIY Rose Gold Cone Trees

So Ive gone on a cone tree making spree and these ones are with rose gold glitter! If any of you have visited here is kind of rose gold central. Haha.

Ive been meaning to make some for a couple or years now, I see them Everywhere on Pinterest! So many great DIY cone trees you can try.

You can certainly make these in any color glitter. I decorate with rose gold, sliver, white, aqua and blush shades for Christmas.

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I just bought some poster board from the Dollar Tree and shaped them into a cone. I trimmed the bottoms so they were even.

I hot glued some of the seams to they stayed in the cone shape. You could just use tape if you dont have a hot glue gun.

I spray painted them rose gold before I covered in glitter. You could just paint with acrylic rose gold paint.

I like to paint things first when I glitter so it anything shows through it blends. You dont have to though.

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I covered the trees with Elmers Glue All. I like Elmers for glitter bases as its thicker than Mod Podge.

After they dried I coated in gloss Mod Podge to minimize shedding.

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I wrapped some copper wired LED lights around them Ive had on stash.

Here they are all finished. I added a Dollar Tree star topper.

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I made this one last year I never got around to putting on the blog. It came in two pieces I glued together.

I think I picked them up from Micheal’s after season a couple years back, they may have them again this year. I did it the same way as the cone tree.

I have more cone tree DIY’s coming. These cone trees could be a fun kids project you can do together.

Have you made any DIY cone trees?

A video clip of the cone trees.

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