DIY Green mason jar Christmas tree decor or gift jar.

Christmas Tree Mason Jar

Christmas tree time! 🙂 I used one of the green vintage edition Ball pint jars.

Green mason jar Christmas tree

Of course I used my Elmer Glue All. I use it for Everything! LOL

Glitter holiday tree mason jars

Glue on the rim first for the gold glitter.

Glitter holiday tree mason jars-2

Then I just used a colored pencil end to make dots. Use what ever you need, the pencil worked perfect! ha ha.

Glitter holiday tree mason jars-3

Sprinkle, sprinkle the red! Brush of the extra thats clung to the jar when your glue dries.

Glitter holiday tree mason jars-4

Here we are all finished with a twine tie and bells.

Green mason jar Christmas tree-7

I think next time I’ll use red paint dots instead of glue. Glitter sticks right in the wet paint. Been here and done that. Ha ha.

I can see some glitter dots that needed a little extra. Im just anal! LOL

The back.

Green mason jar Christmas tree-3

Green mason jar Christmas tree-4

Add a tea light or some LEDs and we have a cute luminary. Perfect to fill with goodies too!

Green mason jar Christmas tree-2

Hope you enjoyed. See more holiday mason jars.

What mason jar crafts are you making this holiday season?

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