Before Changing Your WordPress Theme…

Are you looking to change your WordPress theme? I have some tips to help make it a bit easier. Its going to be a smoother process to quick clean out before the change and ‘rebuild’. Specially if you used a theme with some of the page builders available and used the builder.

Ive been a WordPress user for almost a decade now and the trial and error Ive went through… phew! Let me save you! 😉

Before You Switch Your Theme

– Make sure you are all backed up!! There are back up plugins and I have all my content text stashed on my hard drive.

– If you don’t want to work live enable maintenance mode, an under construction page, or some hosts offer staging. If your theme/host doesn’t have that option you an try a plugin for an under constriction page, etc. There are several out there.

– Clean out anything that was theme feature specific like parallax, icons, special slide shows, theme specific shortcodes/plugins, etc. Slim down to ‘bare bones’ text and image content on your posts/pages. Unless you know it will carry over and work with your new theme.

Going down to basic content you can you fixer up a bit quicker with the new theme features. Its just your basic content. You’ll have to clean out anyways so just do it before.

If you’re working live through the site change you wont have beat code all over…


Save Text Widgets

Copy anything you want to keep in your text widgets. Widgets will usually land in inactive widgets during a switch but, I find with some themes widgets vanish even if its a core WordPress widget. Now you can just copy the HTML into your new themes text widget because you saved it! 😉


Deactivate Plugins

Slim down to bare bones plugins and deactivate. Plugins are the biggest issue when it comes to WordPress and themes…

9 out of 10 times its a plugin. Some things just don’t like each other. Be it bad code, just the way the theme is made, etc. Any WordPress nerd like me has a love hate relationship with plugins! Ha ha.

Specially deactivate theme required plugins unless you know it will work with your new theme.

Also less is more with plugins. Don’t stock pile inactive plugins from old themes either. Remember you can go install any of those plugins again if you were to need them.

A plugin can lock your WordPress up and if you don’t know FTP/have a Cpanel you’ll have to call your hosts customer support. They will disable the theme or the like until you figure out what plugin is causing issue.

This is more for a WordPress rookie that wont know backend to trouble shoot for a fix. Enable plugins after you installed the theme one by one.


These are some of the things Ive dealt with using 100+ themes over the years… I hope these tips help save a bit of time and frustration.

Do you have any tips for changing WordPress themes?

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    10/18/2016 at 3:20 pm Reply
  2. Hi Kelly
    How are you?
    I know what you mean, I have had to change WP themes, and I have had loads of troubles in doing so.
    Thanks for all your tips.
    Do stop by at my blog and comment, have added some kool videos which you will like for sure.

    01/30/2016 at 1:15 pm Reply
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