Bat Mason Jars

Time for bat mason jars! Ive made pumpkins, ghosts, a mummy, skull and candy corns. Come on now, time for bats! Ha ha.

You can check out those jars in my other posts here. Halloween Mason Jars

Ok onto the bats.

I used a foam sheet with a sticky back for the wings. I drew it out quick and cut it. You could use a blade.

Did one set of wings flipped it and traced it as we are sticking these together. They need to match.

I cut the middle out of the flipped set of wings because we will use the middle to stick to the jar and end pieces stick to the wing tips.

You can see how its stuck to the jar.

Just used some glue and glitter for the faces on the smooth Ball pint jars. Spray painted black. You could always use acrylic or latex paint.

I thought about just basic black craft foam and glue on the jar but it was more flimsy. This sticky back is thicker and has glitter to make it cuter!

I also saw a package of foam bats in the kids craft section so you could cut the body off and use the wing part. It was a multi pack and didnt need that many but would work great if you wanted to make multiple jars like party favors or gifts.

Update…. I had a bat jar order come in so I ended up buying those premade bats for the wings. I just cut the heads off and hot glued them to the jar.

I do offer my Halloween set on Etsy if you dont want to make.

Have you made and fall or Halloween jars? Id love for you to share in the comments for my readers.

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