Affiliate Post: 20 Rose Gold Goodies, Shoes Anyone?

Rose gold rims, Plasti Dip.

Ok, this is going to be a link bomb post! Haha. Im going to do these posts once in a while.

So… lets talk more Rose Gold! My Rose Gold Spray Paint post has been viewed thousands and thousands of times.

(Before my theme update… view count has started over… boo.. over 40,000, thats Huge for my blog! 😀 )

Im personally a big fan of rose gold! I have it in my home, some jewelry, my phone, and heck my car rims are rose gold! He he.

Rose gold rims, Plasti Dip.

Yes, Im that geek… 😉 Thats some custom Plasti Dip I made. Im in Love with this stuff! I have a whole Plasti Dip post coming…

Dip post up! 🙂


Alright, onto link bombs of Rose Gold!


Of course Rose Gold spray paint!

What are we going to paint?

Something I want but haven’t ordered yet! 😉

Oh yes, a rose gold keyboard and mouse!

Wish I could have but my dog will SO eat it…

Hes obsessed with things that have beads/sequins…

he sniffs it out like a dog treat.


Maybe a rose gold phone cord…

To go with my rose gold iPhone…

Amazon suggests I link bomb this according to stats.

Who doesn’t love a little sparkle?

This too. I found this one snooping around, me likey!

…but again, my dog will eat it…

I have a project this coming winter…

Stay tuned for some foil fun…

A little nail bling.

Bling, bling.

Some rose gold romance with votives. 😉

Ok, now… Im going to go on a shoe frenzy here…

These are all shoes Id wear.

‘Pricey’ and ‘cheap’.

I want all these shoes..IJS…


I mean…

How many Rose Gold shoes…

can a girl have…


A cute cami top to match our shoes?

While we prance around in our cool rose gold shoes and cami…

Lets prance to some Pandora..

On our new rose gold speaker!

Maybe have drinks while we dance?

More than Id spend for something like this…

but, I kind of want.


Well… last but not least some fashion jewelry!

Lovin’ this bracelet.

I think these earrings are super cute.

Not my thing per say… but, diggin’ them for sure.

Its time to end. 20 rose gold goodies. Five are shoes! Obsessed?

Do you love Rose Gold? Do you have it in your home? Want to make over something into rose gold?

Dont forget to check out my Rose Gold Spray Paint post.

I hope you find some goodies in my link bomb post! 😉

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