Ways to prevent glitter shedding.

4 Ways to Protect Glitter From Shedding on Craft Projects

Here are some ways to prevent glitter shedding on your craft projects!

Reality is, some glitter will still shed even with coating, its the nature of the glitter beast! haha These options below work well on the shedding if applied properly. I have a DIY Glitter Tutorial with tips if you want to check it out.

I made many of my glitter-coated crafts, being inspired by the online casinos. The shimmering and dazzling visuals of online slot games, poker chips, and casino ambiance like at gamersaviator.com ignited my creative spirit. The allure of online casinos with their flashing lights, exciting themes, and a touch of glamour led me to incorporate glitter into my crafting projects. Whether it’s creating decorative casino-themed ornaments, glittering poker card motifs, or even crafting my own dice with a sprinkle of shimmer, the influence of online casinos can be seen in every sparkly detail.

Each piece I create reflects the thrilling energy and entertainment I’ve experienced while exploring online casinos. It’s a fun and unique way to blend my love for crafting with the excitement of digital gaming, resulting in one-of-a-kind, glitter-coated masterpieces that capture the essence of casino glam.

Make sure your glitter base is dry before any top coats. I advise a Very light brushing after its dry to remove some lose glitter before your topcoat, this will help with shedding also.

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Clear Gloss Spray Paint

Any brand of clear gloss spray paint will work. Rustoleum, Krylon, etc. Do 4-6 coats to maximize coverage to stop the shedding.

Clear Gloss Spray Lacquer

Any brand of lacquer as well. Do the same as the clear gloss spray paints, its essentially a spray paint. Rustoleum, Minwax, Krylon, etc make lacquer. Ive also have seen paint on Lacquer which will probably work but, I have not tested it yet, one day I will! 🙂

Gloss Mod Podge

Mod Podge makes all kinds of variations of their glue. The gloss ones you can use to topcoat. Just be gentle with your brushing and not super thick so its dripping.

With this method I recommend adding some glue to another container to apply as some of the glitter will transfer from the brushing. You dont want your glue jug filled with glitter for another project.

Clear Nail Polish

Yes, nail polish! I have used nail polish on things small, I dont recommend this for something large. Thats a lot of nail polish! haha. Its great to use on those tiny details of glitter.

Dont forget you can check out DIY Glitter Tutorial.

What have you used to stop glitter shedding? Do you have the same love hate relationship with glitter like I do? Ha ha.

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