12 St Patrick’s Day DIYs

Some St Patrick’s Day and Irish DIYs!

These wood shamrocks I used for several of my DIYs. I found them on Amazon.

Most of the other stuff I used came from Dollar Tree/dollar stores.

This post contains affiliate links for Amazon. I make commission if you buy through my links and banners in my posts. See how I roll.

This shamrock topiary I used those wood shamrocks. I painted them green first and hot glued moss to them. You’ll have to give them a ‘haircut’.

I glued the three shamrocks to a wooden dowel placing it in some floral foam in the bucket.

You can see I added some moss, wood chips and flowers.

A little ribbon and gold coin embellishment. I did spray paint the coin as its plastic so it didnt look so ‘plasticy’ The bucket was a shiny green so I dry brushed over it to tone it down as well.

More of the wood shamrocks with a Dollar Tree crate. A mini Luck farm. 😉 I stained the crate with watered down acrylic paint.

Floral foam in the crate with moss and flowers like I did the bucket. Lined with burlap so you could not see the floral foam. You could use paper, fabric, or ribbon if you dont have burlap.

Little green twine bows to cover the holes. You could just fill them with wood filler or wall spackle before you paint to get rid of the holes.

This wall hanging I used two of Dollar Trees wood palettes. You can see how I did the back to keep them together.

Painted the pallets white and dry brushed some gray to give it a more aged look.

Of course more of the wood shamrocks. I added some wood cubes to the back to make it stick out so I could use it like a vase.

This one was inspired by Kinda Krafty Kenzie on Youtube. She did something similar with hearts on pallets for Valentines Day.

This cute box decor piece I removed the heart and painted it. Replaced the heart with a shamrock.

This could be a cute piece on a tiered tray. Its heavy dry brushed with a light green so some wood still shows through.

Sanded the edges a bit too.

One of Dollar Trees wood shamrocks covered in their sheet moss. I painted this one green first as well like the topiary so no wood would show through.

I cut it to fit, hot glued and embellished it with cork letters and flowers.

The mason jar I remade. Its was a spring themed jar. Painted it white with a gold rim adding some twine. The shamrock is ripped off one of Dollar Trees headbands.

A ‘house flip’. Painted white with some shamrock scrapbook paper and some greenery. I picked up the word blessed in a pack of wood words at Hobby Lobby.

Dollar tree houses DIY

I did a very light dry brush on the paper as well.

Another Dollar Tree wood piece they had out like the large wood shamrocks this year. Painted and used scrapbook paper for the banner with painted gold letters.

Added a new twine tie painted green beads.

A cutting board decor piece. I added a hanger but could be used on a shelf or add some wood blocks to the back so it stands on its own.

Painted it white and the Irish saying is a greeting card from Dollar Tree.

You can see I added the green jewel sticker hearts making them like a four leaf clover.

I used some of Dollar Trees grapevine hearts they had out at Valentines Day.

This was a Christmas sign I painted over to attach the shamrock.

I got the idea for the shamrock from Crafted by Corrie on Youtube.

A fun welcome sign using one of the Dollar Trees tin signs. Ive used several of these I’ll do another post about.

The Welcome was in that same pack of wood words as the Blessed I used above.

Painted the house white, added a shamrock, greenery and beads. The welcome is attached to a large popsicle stick.

The wood beads are from Amazon and painted green.

And surely I had to do a mason jar… 😉

Have you made any St Patrick’s Day or Irish themed DIYs?

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