Lets be honest here, most bloggers need a little extra to keep going. Even if its just the blogs basic maintenance fees like domain, hosting, pro theme, some add on plugins/services/designer fees, etc. Its some serious work running a blog.

So, lets talk about online affiliates.

Whats an online affiliate?

Working with a company-brand earning commission through links and ads on a blog/website for their products or services. You purchase through these links/ads and commission is earned.

Most have a certain time frame; 24 hours, 30 days, etc.

I’m going to tell ya like it is here at KA Styles. I’m going to add Amazon/other affiliate links throughout the blog. I’m only going to link things that are Actually related, I use, recommend, or may work for you. My links are in bold letters.

This isn’t a get ‘rich’ thing. I wont write posts for links, I’ll find links I could add to something I’m already writing. I may at some point write a post thats all about my Amazon or any affiliate but, I’ll certainly let you know thats the kind of post it is.

Some things are linked into the text and some are shopping ads like this, oh yes link bomb. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ll link bomb and say its a link bomb! haha.

Link bomb!

Say NO to Adsense

Truthfully, I’m just not into monetizing my blog with Adsense style ads. I did try it on for a some time against my better judgement. But, I’ll test things at least once…

It was very hard for me to even try on Adsense because it looks like clutter!

I’m So the less is more type, I hope you can tell that about me visiting my blog. Just not enough money in it for the ‘clutter’ it adds and slower loading for my readers.

While I’m in the business of making money, my blog is for you not me if you know what I mean.

I don’t like blogs that have So many ads it takes three minutes to load a post, takes Forever to scroll through a post, I cant see images because ads pop up, videos start playing sound, etc.

I spend half my time clicking x’s and speakers. Sometimes my browser freezes up!

Some blogs blend it in well, its fewer though…

On mobile, forgettttt it! My mobile traffic is about 62%, what is yours? This is what Im at today as I write this post. Update: 11/29/2016 almost 68 now%.

Mobile: 52.29% Tablet: 9.35%. 52%+ just for phones; more difficult to view over a tablet…

Even if you have good content and pretty pictures… It drives me Mad and I stop visiting said blog. I usually wont share you on social media much either. I cant recommend a post/site/blog that is so difficult to view.

Yes I said it, your blog drives me Mad.

And I dont want to share you.

I know some of you feel me!

For me personally, I Just. cant. do. it. I cant clog the blog. I hope some of you consider how clogged your blog is. Some are so clogged you need some Rid-X. LOL.

Are you actually losing more than you are gaining with all the ads on your clogged blog? Should we hashtag? He he.


So, here we are with Amazon, Bulk Glitters and Themeforest. Im going to try it on, who knows I could dump it next month but, Im going to give it a go. This was a better choice for the blog to make a bit extra.

No big banners popping up, blinking, videos, etc! LOL. And SO many already use Amazon and Prime for free shipping, etc. Some posts will have shopping ads Ive linked the products I used or something similar that will work.

This is how I think it will go down or this is a total pipe dream. Ha ha.

  • I think most that happen to buy are a frequent Amazon/Prime user, have something already in the cart and add on mason jars, etc, and shipped for free.
  • Or fill up a cart and use their Prime or a free shipping deal. May even cost a buck or two more but, saved the trip going to the store. I personally factor time and gas going to craft stores, etc.
  • Then there are those that just hook a sista up.

I will see wont I? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Update: 38 days in with Amazon links in about 10 posts now. Ive actually been slacking on updating old posts with links! LOL

Commission $50.09. It took four months to make that with Adsense! While not some big money its $50 already! ๐Ÿ™‚ I made commission within 48 hours.


My Reality…

Id just love to make enough to support back-end fees for the site. Costs are growing as my traffic is growing. Site costs are not huge but enough. I’m fortunate I can be the designer so in the big picture site costs are minimal.

Like I said above this isn’t a get rich thing. I have a realistic approach with my current traffic levels and wont depend on it, it will be ‘bonus’.

You have to take this approach as you try it on, its ‘Plan E’. You should always have many plans and don’t be afraid to test things.

I’ll gradually add links into more posts. It will take some time to go through old posts and I’ll link as I post new.

Of course I’ll let you know what posts contain affiliate links. While its a ‘rule’ you must disclose, Id disclose anyways, I’m a tell it like it is type! Ha ha.

You know I’ll be linking mason jars, glitter, and more!

DIY your own bangin’ jars!

Ok, lets end this, right? Just wanted to let my readers know whats going on. I’ll keep it more subtle, as I said above I hope you can see I’m the less is more type by my blog design and images.

A weird video ad suddenly blaring out of my speakers ruining my Pandora jam… I wont ruin your jam just sayin’. Or a moving car banner in my clean header…. nooooooo.

Now if I could just be as OCD as I am with my style not having clutter and what my desk looks like right now! LOL.

How do you feel about affiliates? Does it drive you mad when the blog is clogged? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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Why I use affiliates and not adsense.

The required Amazon disclosure. ๐Ÿ˜‰

KA Styles.co is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.

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