Watermelon Mason Jar Tutorial

Watermelon Mason Jar Tutorial

Watermelon mason jar tutorial.

I have a collection of fruit painted mason jars… Today is a watermelon painted mason jar!

Spray paint that mason jar! Painting tips here.

This is Krylon Watermelon. They are the only one I could find with a watermelon color and I could only find it at Walmart in my area.

This post contains affiliate links for Amazon and I make commission if you buy through my links in the next 24 hours. See how I roll.

Most certainly you can use acrylic paints. Im a spray fan over the brush paint.

Watermelon mason jar tutorial-3

For this tutorial Im using a stamp method for the seeds.

You could hand brush paint or even use a permanent black marker to make your seeds.

I have a thing for organic style stamping so that is what I used. As shown above I cut two tear drop shapes out of craft foam.

And then glued them to a dead battery of all things! Ha ha. It was there… it worked… I can pick it off when done and recycle the battery.

Watermelon mason jar tutorial

I sprayed a bit of black into a spray paint cap. Use some sort of enamel paint or stamp ink if you’d like. Or marker like I mentioned above.

Ive used a marker, works great, its just not a ‘messy’ organic style stamp.

I wasnt a fan stamping with acrylic paint… you could use it though. I found it too blobby and ‘flat’.

I used an extra piece of the foam to blot before the stamp hit the jar. The spray paint is like water.

Watermelon decor mason jar tutorial

Dont forget to clear coat, you dont Have to but, I always recommenced a top coat.

Here she is with is green twine tie I added.

Watermelon mason jar decor tutorial, fruit decor.

Have you made any fruit style mason jars or a watermelon? Ive seen some fun ones floating around Pinterest.

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