These are vintage mason jars I painted for Valentine’s Day using latex paint. The vintage jars are my favorite! I sold these sets. I almost wanted to keep them All! But… I’m already over flowing with mason jars, literally! LOL.

I did these jars as a test projects with latex paint. I used Valspars test sample sizes. I did these before I started to document my mason jar crafts…

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A mix of colors I made from the samples. I used Floetrol with my latex paint to make it smoother and minimize brush marks.

You also want a smoother finish brush painting buy a good paint brush. Its worth the money and if you take care of it… it will last! 🙂 Purdy or the like.

Also the paint can drag and wrinkle when you apply more coats. Be light handed adding more coats of paint and not thick. Acrylic paint will do the same thing.

Latex painted vintage mason jars for Valentine's Day decor.

You can see I distressed these and the paints colors sanded different on the one jar. I dig it but didn’t expect it.

You can see the finish looks sprayed and not brush painted. The Floetrol and a good brush make a big difference.

These jars I added wooden glitter hearts with twine ties. I bought a bunch of plain wood hearts, decorated them and drilled holes for the twine.

Latex painted vintage mason jars for Valentine's Day decor.

I drilled a hole big enough to fit some twine through. I love these little wooden hearts! 🙂

Latex painted vintage mason jars for Valentine's Day decor.

These hearts I just added wood stain and the hearts are a natural wood. Twine wrap and tied through the heart again.

Latex painted vintage mason jars for Valentine's Day decor.

So here we are using latex paint! It works. It good to use a clear top coat to protect the paint for a lasting finish. Clears will come in gloss, flat/matte and satin finish. I used flat/matte spray paint.

You can also coat with Modge Podge.

Also do not soak the jars, they can be quickly washed then dried or whipped down with a damp cloth.

Update: 2/7/2019

I had someone reach out to see if I could replicate and buy some of these jars. I have some vintage jars kicking around so I made another set. This time I airbrushed them with the latex.

I added a bit more twine wrap this round.

Vintage Valentines Day mason jars, blush pink.

Have you painted mason jars or glass with latex paint before?

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