KA Styles.co Updated Branding

KA Styles.co Updated Branding

Well, it was that time! My brand has the same theme and colors as Im an aqua loverrrrrr forever! Those of you that visit know I am! haha.

I needed some variation and needed to create a Brand Style Guide. My blog has grown enough, I need to get my shitzz together! LOL I know some of you feel me…

Funny I help others with their brand yet my own needed work! So much easier doing it for others, I know some of you feel me there too! 😀

You see my DIY and crafts here but I design websites and do graphics work too.

Anyways… I really needed an updated watermark for images and graphics. I’ll use the round stamp style to brand my image/graphics.

Im not necessarily into these foo foo fonts per say… not that I dont like them, just not for my brand until I found this font! I love it, its me.

The old… I still liked the old, its my writing but, it was harder for alternate branding options. I was being a ‘slacker’ designer. Dont do what I did, do what I say! haha.


The new. This is part of my Brand Style Guide. Its still a work in process but showing a sneak peak! My logo and site changed recently so I wanted to share whats been going on here at KA Styles. 🙂brand-style-new

Do you need to get your act together as well? I hope my post helps you get your butt in gear too! 😉

Certainly contact me if you’re ready to go for it! I can help you.


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