Easter mason jar time! 🙂 Bunnies and baby chick half pint mason jars! I made these for the nieces and nephews! Many of the jars I make now a days are gifts.

Or I try to find new ways to do jars for them just to share with you. They get the ‘test’ jars from the blog post! ha Ha.

They love it, they are into the mason jars. If you visit here often you’ll see all the jars I made for them. LOL


Paint- Spray or Acrylic


Felt or Foam


Cotton Ball or Pop Pom


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Paint your mason jars. You can use acrylic or spray paint, I used spray paint. I used Mainstay half pints from Walmart. These would be cute with the Ball Elite Pints too.



Next I shaped some pipe cleaner ears. I just bent them in an ear shape and layered with a few of them. I wrapped the ends at the bottom.



I wrapped the jar rim with a pipe cleaner to attach the ears and glued my pom pom for the bunny tail.

I also glued the felt hearts as pictured above for the feet. You could use foam sheets and cut out some feet.


Easter bunny mason jar decor.

Gave the bunny a face with a black sharpie and a Sharpie pink paint pen for the nose. I Love these Sharpie oil pens! I have about 10 colors now. 😀

I did the same for the pink bunny.

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Easter bunny mason jar decor.

Easter bunny mason jar decor.

I also made a baby chic. Did a face with a sharpie and some orange acrylic paint for a beak.

Glued some yellow feathers on the sides. I bought a variety pack of feathers so I could use them for another project. Yellow was in the bag.

I painted the felt hearts orange for chic feet. The hearts only came in pink, red, and white. Ha ha.

Easter bunny and chic mason jars.

Chic mason jar for Easter.

Easter bunny and chic mason jars.

Fill with candy or use for decor! A gift card will fit in these jars.

Have you made some fun Easter mason jars?

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DIY Easter bunny and chic mason jars. Cute gift or decor and can make with the kids.

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