Im ganna drop a reality bomb… There is no such thing.

Your car paint chips, your furniture chips, etc. There is no such thing as a painted surface that would not chip or scratch. Its the reality of anything painted.

Glass can chip and scratch much easier.

Having said that… you can certainly top coat your surface so you can minimize chipping and scratching.

Buy painted and glittered mason jars.

Ive used spray paint, acrylic sealers, varnishes, Plasti Dip and Modge Podge. Im sure others but this is all I have right now… 😉

My go to is acrylic sealer and Modge Podge. Since converting to airbrush I spray Modge Podge out of my airbrush gun. You can certainly brush paint it.

They also make spray acrylic sealers and Modge Podge also makes a spray.

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Spray paints can adhere to glass better than some acrylics paints. Particularity gloss spray paint.

dThe multi-surface, outdoor and meant for glass acrylic paint adhere to glass better over the basic matte an satin finish acrylics. Some acrylics are dishwasher safe on the top rack when cured properly.

I find some latex paints adhere well too.

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Painted mason jars with acrylic paint.

You want to minimize chipping and scratching or even just rubbing off handling your painted glass no matter what paint you use… Seal your paint and seal it good.

Just keeping it real for my fellow crafters. 😀

Chip proof painted mason jars.