Ball Mason Jar Styles

Ball Mason Jar Styles

This is a collection of the current styles of jars Ball has today. They do have the blue, green and the new purple ones too. Showing pictures and sizes. Around up you could say! haha.


What is your favorite one? I love the Elite pints and the widemouthed quarts the most.

I really love the vintage style ones though! I would love them to bring back some modernized vintage styles.

Mason Jar Styles

Widemouthed Pint

Height: 5in / 127mm / 12.7cm

Mouth: 3in / 76.2mm / 7.62cm

Widemouthed pint


Half Pint

Mouth: 3in / 76.2mm / 7.62cm

half pint mason jar


Ball Quart

Height: 7in / 177.8mm / 17.78cm
Mouth: 2.5in / 63.5mm / 6.35cm


Ball Regular Pint

Height: 5in / 127mm / 12.7cm
Mouth: 2.5in / 63.5mm / 6.35cm


Ball Elite Specialty Pint

Height: 4in / 10.16cm / 101.6mm
Mouth: 3in / 76.2mm / 7.62cm



Quilted Pint

Height: 5in / 127mm / 12.7cm
Mouth: 2.5in / 63.5mm / 6.35cm



Ball Widemouthed Quart

Height: 7in / 177.8mm / 17.78cm
Mouth: 3in / 76.2mm / 7.62cm



Ball 4 oz Mini Quilted

Mouth: 2.5in / 63.5mm / 6.35cm


There are some other jars on the market but these are the standard basic Ball jars. I hoped this helped you see the styles of jars you like or need. 🙂


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  1. Woah I didn’t realize there were so many different styles. I kind of always assumed there was only one shape for them. I really like the half pint, it’s kind of adorable!

    Nessa Jay recently posted: Little Monster Party Ideas
    1. I know! Im addicted to them all! ha ha They’ve had so many styles over the years.

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